Other Services

Site Surveys
In general, moving portable accommodation isn't a straightforward process. We have an Operations Manager who assesses the situation and visits the site. He will do a site survey to make sure we can get the building into the area and a route survey is completed to check the access. The crane companies and the customer(s) on site are always greeted and well informed and ensure everything is to everybody’s satisfaction.
Due to the specialist movement of the loads we liaise with the relevant police forces and local councils. Our escort vehicles are geared up to police specification so we can escort and deliver ourselves. On occasions we do require Police assistance with particularly difficult loads. 
Some of the more challenging jobs can take up to three months to plan before we go ahead and complete the job. Every job is provided with a Risk Assessment and Method Statement. 

Specialist Trailers
We have many different trailers at our disposal to ensure we can adhere to customer’s requests. We are able to hire specialist trailers such as Super Low-Loaders, All Steer Trailers and Short Urban Trailers. We also have a number of Curtainsiders in our fleet.



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